Garden Beauties

After all these years of gardening I am still amazed by the beauty of nature.  For me gardening is not work, I find it to be a great way to de-stress,  I can garden for hours and get so caught up I loose track of time!  For all the care I give my plants I am rewarded with stunning blooms and food to eat.  I enjoy my garden immensely, its inspiring, relaxing, and simply a lovely place to have a cup of tea and watch the hummingbirds!





I hope you get as much satisfaction from your garden as I receive from mine!

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Lovely Lilacs!


As a gardener I have lots of very nice plants so why is it I ask myself that it’s always the one I don’t have that I can’t stop thinking about?  Take the lilac that blooms at my parent’s house, it is one of the loveliest plants I have ever seen!  And as much as I want one for my garden its grows far to big for my small space. A plant like this needs room so can grow to its glorious full potential, my mom said she paid $10.00 for it from a big box store.  It is a very lovely lilac that smells as wonderful as it looks!

My mom and I taking in the scent of the blooms, Gizmo relaxing on the roof of the car, he is a funny fellow!

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Raindrops on Roses…


IMG_0755The sun has just come out after a few days of heavy rain, the garden is illuminated with raindrops shimmering on all the young growth.  Spring is here and the garden is about to burst with plants for the new season.  The winter was very mild, I better not speak too soon we might still get a late winter snowfall, we have only had a dusting of snow so far.  I might be in the minority here but I do miss winter, I barely had time to wear my fuzzy scarves!

Columbines, Monarda, Hyacinths and roses are all emerging

Hellebores love the cool winter weather

Bleeding Heart, Peonies and Sedum

I found two rhodos discarded when I was out for a walk, went back and got the car and brought them home, it will be fun to see what colour they are!  No, I did not dig it up, the poor little things were lying there with their root balls exposed, not a pretty sight, someone had to save them!

IMG_0698 (1)

Spring is one of my favorite things…raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens…you get the picture!

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Link to my Book

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog about gardening and tea.  There are many connections between the plants we grow in our gardens and the teas we enjoy, below is the link to my new book,  Heather’s Tea Garden: Tea and Flowers, I hope you enjoy the book with your favourite tea!


Its all in the Pictures!


IMG_0541It might be winter but the fun thing about being a garden photographer is I can bring the flowers back through photography!  Check out all the updates for the different categories: Thyme for Tea talks about tea in Hawaii and blueberry rooibos from Saint John, US Virgin Islands. Along the Garden Path is about my garden in winter with photos of little crocus peaking through the snow. Botanical Interests is a look at all the “H” plants I have growing in the garden. I will continue to update all the categories on the blog-I like sharing my garden with you!

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Happy New Year!

Wishing all my friends and family a Happy New Year!  2015 went by very fast, why is it as we get older the time seems to go faster?  I decided 2016 is going to be the year to write as much as possible, I started a new blog on the site called Blogger, it will focus more on my writing and be the link to the iTunes store were my books will be sold. Speaking of books I am just getting the tax issue resolved, for anyone who wants to publish their work Apple iAuthor is amazing!  Apple will set up the tax for any country so that takes the hassle off the writer.  After Apple submits the tax forms we set up the banking, the book will be about $2.00 plus tax and is 45 pages.  I decided to make it a series all relating to tea and plants.  The first book is complete, the second one is about tea and spices, the 3rd book is about tea, bulbs and blooms.

My new book is Heather’s Tea Garden: Tea and Flowers,  as soon as its uploaded I will post the link to the iTunes store.

Like I said time is flying by so don’t wait another day!  Go for it and make your dreams a reality!

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Last Day to be 49….Hello 50!!!


October 29th is my 50th birthday and I thought for a long time how I wanted to spend the time, not just the day,  but the weeks even months leading up to “The Big 50”.  I did a career change last summer so for the time being I am not officially employed other than teaching my tea courses one night a week so I have my days free for now, actually everyday is like being on vacation! So not trudging to work everyday has been a gift. (Temporary….yes I will be going back to work full-time soon.)

So I spent the time leading up to my birthday gardening, reading and walking around our area especially along the Vedder River.  Also, during this time I took care of the cats next door while the neighbours had a fabulous vacation in Hawaii.  I asked them to see if they could find some Hawaiian tea and did they ever deliver with 5 different types!  So this got me thinking about my actual birthday and what to do….I decided on a Hawaii Themed Tea.  Having days free meant I could hold the tea during the afternoon.  My plan was in place until I got a cold, even now it is only suppressed with gel caps!  Then my parents got called out-of-town for a family emergency so they could not attend.  Being under the weather I scaled back how much company to have as I did not really feel up to a full house.


Keeping with the Hawaii theme, my cousin and I each wore a dress our Grandma Chapman wore on her many trips to the islands in the 1970’s.  My cousin’s dress was stunning!  Long and kind of fanned out in the back.  Me, being chubbier, ( that’s putting it nicely), I did not fit into my dress!  So I altered it into an apron, I changed the design very little by keeping the front details.  All the other guests wore Hawaiian leis around their necks.  We drank tea and reminisced about how funny it would be if our deceased relatives could see us in our get-ups!  My aunt gave me a gorgeous Firestone bracelet that my father gave her when she turned 18, I will always cherish it’s meaning.

IMG_0051 IMG_0057 IMG_0100 IMG_0103

With the Hawaii teas I had a tiered plate of treats, some little finger foods, fruit, cheese and a bouquet of flowers from the garden completed the table.  It was a fun afternoon reminiscing and drinking tea…a perfect way to say hello 50’s and good-by 40’s!!!!

I think I need another gel cap!

IMG_0072 IMG_0028 IMG_0071IMG_0036 IMG_0108 IMG_0107

Thank you to everyone who sent cards and wishes for my 50th birthday, i am touched and very blessed.

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