Greetings from the Adelaide!


Happy belated New Year from our new house and garden called the Adelaide, after weeks of packing we moved into our beautiful new home just before Christmas!  We went for a drive at the end of October and came upon this show home in the Garrison Crossing development and decided on the spot that is was perfect, went back two days later and bought it on my birthday!  The house is 2800 sq. feet over 3 floors so plenty of space for all our stuff, I was even able to set up a tea room.  The last few weeks have been spent unpacking and putting everything in its place, so its coming together nicely.   We have been really happy and no renovations, it even has a big new Man Cave for my husband’s electronics, its not my thing, give me a plant any day!  The garden will be fun once spring comes as I already have plans for all the plants and pots I brought with me.  My plants seem to be adjusting, though the weather has been mild.  My Hellebores all took to being dug up.




So in the coming months I will have more plant and tea adventures to share!

Pinkie’s Up!






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  1. Daune says:

    I searched on line for the Adelaide and found it – what a beautiful new home Heather. I hope you and Terry will be happy there. How is the commute to work; I’ll bet that is not your favourite pastime.


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