A Day at the Fair

Its been a while since my last entry, a lot has happened mainly we moved to Powell River BC on September 6th 2018.  There is so much to see and do, the town is situated on BC’s far west coast and has expansive views of the ocean.  We live in the area known as Cranberry just up from Powell Lake.  Today we went to the fall fair here in town, it was fun.  Everyone here is very warm and welcoming.  Here are a few photos from our day!

Soon I will be a member of the Powell River Garden club and next year I am going after one of those fair ribbons!

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Tea in the Garden: a Tea “four” the Seasons


IMG_1560I am pleased to announce my new book is now ready!  This book is about the relationship plants have with the universe.  The moon, sun and planets are all connected to life on earth.  The book explores the concept of time, especially the fascinating ways people kept time, time is something we take for granted but imagine a world where people did not know the day of the year and had to rely on the sky and the seasons!  Tea and flowers both tie in with the seasons by exploring teas and flowers for each season and each zodiac sign.  Come and discover the hidden world of Astrological Herbalism and the little known Doctrine of Signatures!  My new book tea in the Garden: A Tea “four” the Seasons reminds us we are all connected!


Tea in the Garden: Herbs, Teas & Tisanes

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I really enjoyed writing my 6th book about the ancient world of herbs.  Herbs and medicinal plants are very fascinating, the research showed me all kinds of uses for plants I thought were just pretty garden flowers.  Many of the plants mentioned in the book are poisonous and have a dark side going back to the Medieval times.  I also have a great deal of respect for the many herbalists who studied the plants and shared their findings in their own herbals.  Tea in the Garden: Herbs, Teas & Tisanes also looks at my own little patch to reveal plants I grow that have ancient origins.  Thank you to all my followers who read my books.  Below is the link to iTunes.


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Tea Leaves & Cherry Blossoms


My new book is now available, it is called Tea in the Garden: Tea Leaves and Cherry Blossoms. The book provides a glimpse into the enchanting world of the Japanese tea culture and especially the pretty sakura.  Sakura is Japanese for cherry blossom!  Japan is famous for its green teas and the book looks at the different tea regions, it touches on bonsai, ikebana flower arranging, the tea house garden and it would not be a tea book without exploring The Way of Tea.  The Way of Tea is deeply steeped in Buddhist philosophies, when one experiences tea in Japan they are closer to enlightenment.


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Tea in the Garden: Tea, Bulbs and Blooms

Heather A. Webb

I had so much fun writing my 4th iTunes Book, it really spoke to my two passions: tea and gardening!  Tea in the Garden: Tea, Bulbs and Blooms looks at the teas we drink and the plants we enjoy from the perspective of how plants grow.  With spring planting upon us, my book talks about the difference between a bulb, rhizome, corm and tuber and the plants that grow from them.  We all love to grow big flowers and in order to achieve this we must know what is going on below the soil line.  If you like tea and gardening, dig in and enjoy the book!  Please go to the iTunes link:


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Time for a New Cup of Tea


Sorry I have not had a blog entry since the summer, this site is almost full, last time I added photos I had used 98% of my free site space!  I want to keep Heather’s Tea Garden fun and interesting and most of all not too big.  This way visitors can scroll back and read my previous posts.  With this said I started a new WordPress blog to focus on my career as a writer/teacher and speaker.  My new site is Heather A Webb.com, all one word.  My first post highlighted my trip to the UBC Botanical Gardens.  I was invited by the “Friends of the Garden” to speak about tea.  My talk focused on the many similarities between tea and plants and the cultural significance of each tea and plant.  In a nutshell: white tea and peonies, green tea and jasmine, oolong tea and dahlias, black tea and roses, pu’erh tea and chrysanthemums.  It was fun and by the comments the garden members really enjoyed it.  Please feel free to scroll through and read about my  “Adventures in the World of Gardening and Tea” as I will still be updating the categories from time to time.

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Tea In the Garden: Tea and Spices

IMG_0642Tea in the Garden: Tea and Spices is an in depth look at the ancient relationship between tea and spices. There is more to spices than jars in the local supermarket, tea is more interesting than a box of bargain tea bags. Both tea and spices have travelled long and exotic paths to become the items used daily all over the world. The book will look at the following intriguing questions: What defines a spice? Is a spice the same as an herb or other blooming plant? Do spices grow in the same regions as tea? How many different types of teas are there? What are the spices in masala spiced tea? Delicious recipes are found at the end of some chapters highlighting the spices mentioned. The search for the mystical source of spices was the beginning of man’s discovery of the New World, starting in the early 15th century right up to the 17th century. By land along the famous Tea Horse Trail and over seas via the Spice Route, spices and tea were in great demand, wars were fought over the control of theses trade routes. Come along on this magical carpet ride as we travel to far away lands and visit ancient, magnificent cultures to uncover the mystery of tea and spices!

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