Visit to Lilac Hill

Please visit my other blog to see my work-in-progress garden named Lilac Hill.  I am developing the garden from scratch and already there are lots of changes.  My new blog can be found at

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Blooms of Spring


Canada is known for many beautiful plants.  Where I live in Powell River, British Columbia, spring blooms are everywhere.  I love all plants but the blooms of Spring, especially the rhododendrons and azaleas, are favourites.  Gardeners here have some incredible varieties, recently I visited two gardens both with stunning and unique plants. I hope you enjoy the pictures!



For more pictures of our amazing West Coast spring blooms and to see my Mowatt Bay garden transformation please visit my other blog on Word Press

This tea and garden blog has lots of great posts, scroll down through the years and enjoy!

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Rocks and Roses!

I am in full swing planting my new garden in Mowat Bay, until I hit a rock that is!  The ground around our house and I am told a lot of Powell River is rocks!  When I lived in Chilliwack we went to the gravel pit and paid $5.00 to buy a car load!  Funny how things change, this garden is big, well its big for me, a 1/4 acre lot.  The entire lot will go into gardens all based on the conditions the area has.  There is full, hot sun on the deck off the kitchen, north is the front of the house so its a shady area, the south side is morning sun so a nice spring garden will go here, you get the idea.  

Its a slow go because if I pick a spot that I want a plant, the rocks have to go, so far there was only one time the rock was the size of a small car so I left it and moved the plant to a new location.

It took days to dig an area along the wall/driveway for my roses.  I brought a lot of plants from Chilliwack when we moved…its the first time I have plants and no gardens to plant them in, not for long, look out rocks I am coming to dig you up!

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A Peaceful end to the day


Powell River really is a hidden gem, I got off work at 2:30 and was out in the woods by 2:45.  There is a large woodland area right in the middle of Powell River called the Millennium Trails, so today I went exploring.  There are entrances to the trails all over town so I decided to start at the recreation centre.  What a surprise to find a beautiful clear running creek along the trail, it was so pretty and peaceful!



Breathing in the cold, fresh air was a wonderful way to end the work day!

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A Walk in the Woods

Living in Powell River British Columbia provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature.  Wether it be a walk along the ocean side, a hike through the trails in town or really getting deep into the great outdoors.  Powell River is part of the trail network called the Sunshine Coast Trail an extensive trail system along the coast of British Columbia.

What I enjoy best about nature here is it is just a step away from my door.  I can walk out the door and be gone into the wilderness for as long as I like.  Mind you though I am not brave so it was great when a new friend invited me to join a weekend hiking group.

My first outing with the ladies was a 2 hour hike from Mowat Bay to the Sawmill Pub area, the trail network is very extensive with many paths branching off.  We are just thawing from some snow storms but were low enough to be walking on dry ground.




The trail cuts across the lower corner of Valentine Mountain and follows the shore of Powell Lake.  A lovely morning with new friends!

A Day at the Fair

Its been a while since my last entry, a lot has happened mainly we moved to Powell River BC on September 6th 2018.  There is so much to see and do, the town is situated on BC’s far west coast and has expansive views of the ocean.  We live in the area known as Cranberry just up from Powell Lake.  Today we went to the fall fair here in town, it was fun.  Everyone here is very warm and welcoming.  Here are a few photos from our day!

Soon I will be a member of the Powell River Garden club and next year I am going after one of those fair ribbons!

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A Day in the Garden

Today I held my annual open garden for the members of the Maple Ridge Garden Club.  For those of you not familiar with where I live in Chilliwack, Maple Ridge is over an hour drive west from Chilliwack.  We lived in Maple Ridge for almost 20 years before buying our new home/garden in the winter of 2013.  Shortly after moving into our Maple Ridge home in 1998 I joined the garden club.  Currently there are over 100 members so it is one of the biggest garden clubs in the province. Today I was very happy to see many friends and very humbled they would make the trek out to the country to see me!  I am still a member, probably the furthest away, but I have many dear friends in the club.  Enjoy the pictures from our day!

IMG_0959 (1)

Everyone enjoyed seeing what we had done with the garden in only three seasons, then we went next door and admired Susan and Ken’s garden, they are growing the most stunning clematis on the fence!

Then we kept going to Rus and Helene’s garden to admire the the raised veggie beds!


Everyone trooped back to my garden for some treats and jasmine tea.  I thought the jasmine was appropriate for gardeners!


The sun was out and the garden looked great!  Lovely friends and pretty flowers who could ask for anything more?

In case anyone is wondering the development where we live  is called Garrison Crossing in Chilliwack, British Columbia.  Future gardener Levin playing peekaboo under the fence.

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