Visit to Lilac Hill

Hello and thanks for visiting my Heather’s Tea Garden blog.  Please feel free to scroll through all the posts and pin any of the pictures you like.  The blog was started in 2011 so it has lots of content.  In addition to this blog I am starting a new blog to coincide with our new property Lilac Hill.  I am going to take readers along the same path I travel in creating my new gardens.

I also have a writers website to showcase my Tea in the Garden books.  My books are about the interesting and often surprising relationships between the plants we grow in our gardens and the teas we enjoy drinking. The books are available as iTunes book downloads from the link found at


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  1. Sheri says:

    I look forward to following your garden in progress! Lilacs are so beautiful and can’t wait to see and read about your gardens transformation!🌸🌸😁

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