Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey!  Tea and Gardens…such a lovely combination and I am passionate about both.  I have been lucky enough to have designed and planted two previous gardens, one in Maple Ridge and the other in Chilliwack.  I have a new garden in Mowat Bay area of Powell River, and again it will be a totally different undertaking from the other two.  Very exciting!

Along with my gardening adventures I will share information about tea as the as the teas we drink are connected to the plants we grow.  I have 9 books about tea and gardening available from iTunes and soon from Kindle.  They are called “Tea in the Garden.”  The 10th book is called “Tea in the Garden: The Root of Tea” and will be ready very soon.

I hope you will find as much pleasure in reading Heather’s Tea Garden as I will have writing it.

Heather A. Webb (a.k.a. Heather Freund)

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  1. Hello! I am on linkedin as Heather A. Webb (Freund) Facebook too as Heather Freund and Twitter is in the works so is my website for my tea business. Thank you for asking


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