Blooms on Lilac Hill


This page will showcase the seasonal changes as the plants on Lilac Hill, Powell River, British Columbia, Canada, grow and the garden gets established.  I hope you enjoy the pictures, feel free to pin any of them.  I dug up over 100 plants from my previous garden! The only plants here when we moved in was a massive rhododendron, a hazel nut tree and a big evergreen.   If you want to see more of Lilac Hill  as it progresses please visit

Crocus in bloom, spring 2019

IMG_3397IMG_3681IMG_3520IMG_3324IMG_3151IMG_3636IMG_3339IMG_3411IMG_1507IMG_1503IMG_1865IMG_1843IMG_1851IMG_1708IMG_1486IMG_3598IMG_3617IMG_3647IMG_1225IMG_3660IMG_3654IMG_0934IMG_0937IMG_0945IMG_0751IMG_0848Version 2IMG_2107IMG_1584





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