Lilac Hill in Bloom



It has been one year since we moved to Powell River and the gardens at the property we named Lilac Hill are well underway.  The property is a challenge as its never been landscaped.  It consists of hard clay and rocks of all sizes.  The ground will have to be removed and new soil brought in.  Once I get past these barriers the digging is pretty easy.  I even figured out a method to repel the deer.  They don’t like blood meal, so I mix some up in a container leave it to go rancid and pour a bit over their favorite plants, it really stinks!

The roses had to be potted back up and moved to the decks, the deer ate over 20 blooms in one night!  There are lots of great deer resistant plants I can try, I won’t be deterred!

IMG_2104Version 2IMG_1798IMG_1584IMG_2107

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