Hiking the Teapot Hill Trail


My uncle Wayne told me there was a trail near our home where people placed teapots in the forrest!  Seriously, this I had to see!  So this past weekend with steaming enthusiasm I headed to the trail with my much more fit cousin to find the hidden teapots.  I wasn’t sure how hard of a hike we were going to face but I was determined to make it no matter what.  To our surprise the trail was actually really easy, it was wide and the forrest scenery was breathtaking.  We kept stopping for pictures as the light coming through  the trees was really beautiful.   There was so much moss hanging everywhere the area looked like it was from an alien movie set.  It was amazing and right in our backyard, 10 minutes from home.  The trail climbed steadily upward with only a short distance along a narrow part that had a major drop-off on one side.  When we were close to the top we spotted our first teapot nestled in the trunk of a tree, too cool!  Then we spotted more as we went along, some were in places that honestly we had no idea how they got there.  At the top was a stunning view of Cultus Lake and more teapots and a tea cup on a saucer.  Then we headed back and saw a few more we did not see on the way up.  All in all the hike was 5 km and worth every step!

IMG_7110my cousin admiring the forrest


IMG_7107IMG_7108 IMG_7113IMG_7194

Alien looking moss covering the trees


so far so good!

IMG_7186IMG_7117IMG_7174IMG_7148 IMG_7140 IMG_7139 IMG_7118IMG_7153The Columbia Valley

IMG_7171Boat on Cultus Lake



IMG_7181there is a teapot in the moss of the stump and its way out over the side of the cliff!



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  1. Shelley says:

    That is amazing. I think it was meant for you! You have to bring one next time for all future “Tea Lovers”… The girls and I would love to go with you one day.. 🙂


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