My Special Tea Brew


Over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend we went for a hike before going to a big dinner at my parent’s house.  So after climbing up to look at two different view points in the park and then eating a big meal I knew it was time for one of my special tea brews!  I decided to make a ginger, turmeric and lemon concoction.  I start with a black tea base and in this case I use a tea bag instead of loose leaf because I am not drinking the tea for any specific characteristic, it’s there to blend with what ever I decide to put in the pot.  If I was just having tea I would rarely drink tea bag tea because the pieces of tea in the bag are chopped up so small the tea has lost all its original qualities, yes, it’s still tea but its the tail-end of the manufacturing process and is often nothing more than the sweepings off the factory floor.  But, with this said, there are some good quality tea bagged tea you just have to try different brands, most of the tea in the world is consumed from tea bags.


I put the kettle on to boil and warmed my teapot then I added the tea bag, about a small tablespoon of ginger, about a quarter teaspoon of turmeric and some slices of lemon.  By now the kettle was boiling so added the hot water to the pot.  With loose leaf tea I am conscious of the water temperature, (more about this another time), but with tea bags you can add hard boiling water because it won’t make any difference to the taste of the tea being tea bag,  I let the bits brew for about 2 minutes.


If you want a stronger tea taste, make this with two tea bags.  Ginger and turmeric are strong so often the tea taste gets lost so another reason I don’t use my good tea.  I like the ginger to be dominant so I add more of it and keep the turmeric to a bit, you can always add more if turmeric is your thing.  I like this brew because turmeric helps with sore muscles and ginger aides in digestion and lemon is a natural cleanser, now I don’t feel so guilty for eating so much at our family Thanksgiving dinner!


Pinkie’s Up!


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