Seeds: Where does your food come from?

IMG_7255IMG_7271IMG_7266 On a sunny Saturday we took a trip to Fort Langley to visit the British Columbia Farm Museum.  Earlier in the year, on a different trip to Fort Langley, a poster caught my eye about an exhibit at the museum called “Seeds, Somebody has to Save Them”.  The exhibit would be run from May to October so being a gardener, I made a note to return to see it. The museum its self is an amazing display of historical local farming, there is a building with all types of tractors, there is antique farm equipment, a restored carriage, lots of photos and thousands of items on display.  It’s really interesting to see how people lived in a time when there were no computers and cell phones.  It’s such a fascinating place, the displays are well laid out and the volunteers came out to tell stories and give details, they were really enthusiastic. IMG_7241 The curator of the seed exhibit is Kate Petrusa, she demonstrates through the exhibit how seeds are an essential part of agriculture, both past, present and especially the future.  She says:  “It’s about being able to have a say in where your seed comes from and getting seed that’s adapted to the climate”.  She continues with” It’s getting people to explore the beginning of agriculture in a lot of ways.  We can give seed the attention it deserves”.  As one moves around the display there are samples of beautifully persevered seed catalogues, a historic timeline of farming in the region, bowls of seeds are set out to encourage people to touch the seeds and connect to their importance. IMG_7240framed seed catalogues IMG_7252IMG_7244IMG_7263IMG_7261IMG_7260IMG_7272IMG_7253IMG_7245 very informative information about crop history was presented throughout the display IMG_7248seeds to touch IMG_7250Curator: Kate Petrusa

Overall it was really interesting and it makes one aware that there was once a time when people not only grew their own food from seed they saved the seeds from year to year and traded them for other items.  I really encourage anyone who eats food to visit the BC Farm Museum and see this interesting and important display. We had so much fun looking at all the artifacts on display I even saw some old tea tins! IMG_7275IMG_7276IMG_7268IMG_7279IMG_7277 When we made our way into the parlour display a volunteer came out and fired up the predecessor to i-tunes! IMG_7273 IMG_7265It was so touching to see him admire his horses on display in an old photo…he named every one of the horses, most were named for his brothers and sisters!  It was a fun and informative afternoon and I came away with a renewed interest in seed and where our food comes from. IMG_7247IMG_7246IMG_7257 IMG_7254 Pinkie’s Up!


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