A Visit to Dicken’s Tea Shop


My nieces came out for a visit this past weekend so for something different I took them for tea at Oliver’s Tea Room.  It’s located in the Dicken’s Sweet’s and British Museum in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.  When we first stepped through the door directly to the right is an old fashion style candy shop full of all kinds of childhood favorite treats.  Then to the left is a large cake decorating area and the grocery section where one can buy groceries imported directly from Britain.  Towards the back is the tea shop with an amazing tea selection, some teas I recognized while others I had never seen before.  The room had a lovely cabinet filled with antique tea cups and tea pots.  After looking around we made our way to Oliver’s Tea Room to be treated to an afternoon of conversation, no cell phones allowed!


The tea room was simply charming!  There were so many things to look at, it must have taken years to put together the collection of household items displayed throughout the room.  There was even a turn of the century grocery store that had a really nice Tetley tea display.   There was so much to look at it was really something special.

IMG_7696IMG_7697 IMG_7695

Once the three of us were seated we ordered one high tea of sandwiches and goodies and two plates of scones.  It’s not a British-themed outing without some scones!

IMG_7705 IMG_7702 IMG_7704

I had to bite my lip as the girls proceeded to add lots of sugar and milk to their tea but that’s ok as long as they enjoyed it!

IMG_7711  IMG_7713IMG_7715IMG_7718

The Dickens British Sweets and Groceries is a really fun place full of wonderful nostalgia where people of all ages will find something interesting to look at and reminisce about.   Taking the girls for tea made for a truly memorable afternoon and spending time with my loved ones is the best Christmas gift I could ask for.

Pinkie’s Up!


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  1. We will have to go there for tea, it was really nice


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