Burma (Myanmar) tea is primarily produced for the country’s domestic market with a small amount being exported to the Yunnan Province in China.  When a friend was travelling back to his homeland of Burma I asked for him if he could bring me back some tea as I knew it was not available in Canada.  A few months later I was given tea from the Shan Province of the country, the Shan Province borders China, Laos and Thailand.  The tea is fragrant and the dried leaves are large.  I was excited to try the tea and to my surprise the infusion was amazing, its spicy in the beginning finishing sweet.  The infused leaf is whole with only an few broken pieces.  I feel truly lucky to be able to try this rare treat!





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  1. Wendy says:

    Heather, it looks delish. Thanks for sharing the photos and the experience. I want to smell the cup of leaves. I bet it’s lovely and fragrant.

    I’ve been experimenting with Oolong teas. There isn’t a place where I can walk in to buy quality loose leaf teas in the Monterey Peninsula. I have been buying them at different sources I find on line. Oh, and I brought some back from Granville Island Tea–that one was a Tung Ting.

    I wish I lived closer to you–I’d invite myself over for a cuppa.

    Keep up the mission.




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