Early this morning I went out in the garden with a nice cup of tea to enjoy the peace and quiet of the new day.  I love to sit in the garden sip my tea and watch all the natural activity going on around me.  The birds began chirping at dawn so when I went out at 7:30am the garden was in full swing, the mother chickadee was busy back and forth bringing food to her babies in the birdhouse located on a post in the garden.   I watched her swoop into the birdhouse, her beak as full as it could be, the babies would all call at once to be fed then she would pop back out and fly away to get more food.  It was facinating!  As I was watching the birdhouse I saw a little head peak out and I knew soon the babies would be venturing out into the world.  Sure enough a short time later there were two wee ones on the patio!  So small and vulnerable!  I stayed back as the mother was quite vocal about me getting too close so I found a quiet spot to watch her babies.  They hopped around a bit but mainly they just wanted to be fed!





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  1. Wendy Fields says:

    Heather, perfect timing. I am at a bird museum as I read yours.

    sigurgeir’s bird museum

    Far out!


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