On Sunday June 9th, while on vacation in Las Vegas, I took the opportunity to attend  the WORLD TEA EXPO that was going on at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  This was a chance to sample teas from around the world, and even though I was registered as a  student everyone was very willing to talk to me and share their samples.  There were approximately 700 booths with people from every corner of the globe and tried all the different kinds of teas and I got to see first hand all the new and innovative ideas in the tea industry.




 I even got to attend a presentation given by James Norwood Pratt and he graciously signed two books I had bought, it was wonderful to meet such an educated tea expert.  




Even though it was over 100 degrees in Las Vegas I was really happy I took the time to attend such a big event.



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  1. Wendy Fields says:

    Heather, I love that you went to the World Tea Expo. I look forward to hearing more details about your trip. Did your mom get into the event with you? I hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend with her there.


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