BEANS….two Weeks Later

The beans really took off, two weeks later they are almost to the top of the cupboards!  I have taken them outside for short periods of time to try to harden them off.  I hope I didn’t plant them too early as they are really are better off outside in the garden even though right now they are inside more than outside.  I will leave them in these pots for about another two weeks then into the ground they go, they will have to fight off the pests and fend for themselves in the elements!  I think I will try to figure out a planting spot where they will be protected, I have to realize they are not house plants, they are BIG BOYS who can take care of themselves…but I am a protective plant mommy who doesn’t want to see their leaves eaten by bugs!  In another two weeks they will be up to the ceiling or coming through the floor boards!



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