Giant Gigandes Beans


A few weeks ago I went to a seed exchange put on by the Colony Farm Community Gardeners Association.  After an informative Heirloom Tomato presentation I went over to look at the seeds.  I have always had a fondness for bean seeds as they are fun to grow and the big seeds are easy to handle.  As I was looking at the seeds for sale I heard one of the gardeners telling a young fellow about a pack of seeds he was holding, she told him they were rare bean seeds from Greece.  My ears perked up and I silently wished the young lad to put down the seed pack, it was mine!  He hummed and hawed and I said if you don’t want them I will take them as I enjoy growing beans.  I was thrilled when he handed the pack over to me, I read the label and it said “Greek Gigandes” rare runner beans.  The gardener told me the beans have been grown in the Northern Greece region of Kastoria for over 300 years!  What a find!  The seeds are now planted so in a few months I will show pictures of my beans.  Who knows, I might be able to climb them…Heather and the Bean Stalk!



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