Lovely Lilacs!


As a gardener I have lots of very nice plants so why is it I ask myself that it’s always the one I don’t have that I can’t stop thinking about?  Take the lilac that blooms at my parent’s house, it is one of the loveliest plants I have ever seen!  And as much as I want one for my garden its grows far to big for my small space. A plant like this needs room so can grow to its glorious full potential, my mom said she paid $10.00 for it from a big box store.  It is a very lovely lilac that smells as wonderful as it looks!

My mom and I taking in the scent of the blooms, Gizmo relaxing on the roof of the car, he is a funny fellow!

Pinkie’s Up!


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  1. Sheri says:

    Love the lilacs ! So beautiful 🙂
    Gizmo is just as sweet:)


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