Happy Easter Weekend!


Spring is in full-swing and though it’s common to see colourful tulips, primulas and daffodils this time of year another less known spring bloomer is the Pasque Flower.  It blooms  around Easter thus the name pasque  since pasque refers to Easter (Passover).  Pasque flowers or Pulsatilla vulgaris are a low growing plant that blooms in lots of nice pastel colors from creamy white, pinky-red, purple and mauve.  It is native to the prairies of North America and it is the provincial flower of Manitoba.  It is also known as wind flower, prairie crocus, meadow anemone and eastern flower, it is a member of the Ranunculaceae or buttercup family.  The plant has finely dissected leaves with bell-shaped flowers entirely covered in silky hairs.  The hairs are a deterrent to animals that graze on the prairies giving the plant a feathery and unappetizing appearance.  Pasque flowers may look delicate but this is one tough little cookie, it’s very hardy, reliable and drought tolerant.  If the flowers are left to go to seed they become plume-like and will blow away on the prairie breeze.  So if you want to try something other than the common spring bloomers remember the widely exotic fluffy, Pasque Flower! 



Pulsatilla vulgaris subsp. grandis ‘Papageno’

Pinkie’s Up!


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