ImageTea Garden in Sri Lanka

I decided last minute to take a 4th tea class so I registered for “Tea Regions of the World” on Monday nights.  So for 3 weeks I travel after work into Vancouver on Monday and again on Tuesday night.  I really like the Tea Regions of the World class, its like going on a vacation to a far away place once a week!  So far we have been to  Tea Gardens in China, India and next will be Sri Lanka.  Each country is  unique in their tea growing style and  the tea they produce.  Tea is really amazing!

Pinkie’s Up!


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  1. Wendy says:

    Heather, your class sounds great. There are Tea Tastings at the upcoming San Francisco Tea Festival. At that event, (unlike Victoria’s Tea FEst) we have to register and pay $5 each for each of the presentations. I have signed up for Tea Tasting — Japan’s Teas, Tea Tasting–China’s Teas and Tea Tasting–India’s Teas. Steve found a new Jane Pettigrew book called The New Tea Companion. It looks great!


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