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As we move through the year I want to share the gardens I visit with you! They will be both public and private spaces but guaranteed they will be beautiful, full of unique and interesting blooms!

The year is flying by, already we are at the end of May.  My garden is now transitioning from spring to summer…enjoy!

The pink rhodo is the one I found a few months ago that someone had dug up and tossed by the side of the trail…their loss, its really pretty!

The hosts never fail to put on a great show, my newest plant is a Spiderwort and it shows nicely with this unusual coleus.

This is a very old rose, I dug it up when we moved.  It was along the driveway of our other house for over 18 years!

Veggies are planted: Peas, tomatoes and beats!


Winter in my Garden

My garden is fast asleep under about 3 inches of snow that fell and never melted!  Though, as I look closely, my garden never truly sleeps. There are little signs of life hinting at the coming of spring!


Christmas along the River

I walk almost everyday on the Rotary Trail that runs along side the Vedder River.  Its a nice walk, there are eagles nesting high in the trees, gulls, and other little birds.  For a place so close to the suburbs it really is tranquil and very natural, no pollution.  Some folks have decided the area needs to be decorated for Christmas and have taken it upon themselves to decorate trees along the trail.  Its kind of nice, I just hope they go back and clean up the area after the holidays!  Merry Christmas from Canada!


A Canadian Thanksgiving

IMG_9877 IMG_9866 IMG_9898 IMG_9896

This past weekend we all gathered at the family farm to celebrate Thanksgiving.  As always it’s a very nice time spent visiting with family and friends to chat, drink and stuff ourselves with food.  I like Thanksgiving for all these reasons and it is also a time to enjoy seeing the results of the seeds we planted in the spring.

Seeds planted this past spring grew into crops harvested for Thanksgiving!

IMG_3376 IMG_3373 IMG_3388 IMG_3362

Spring planting on the farm my dad has owned for over 50 years.

IMG_3888_2 IMG_3885_2 IMG_9854

My dad has always been known to grow some big pumpkins



IMG_9888 IMG_9870IMG_9871 IMG_9873

The food as always was amazing!  It was pouring rain to the west and to the east there was a rainbow, a typical stormy fall day!


The next morning we walked to the dyke along the Pitt River to get a little exercise and enjoy the view.

IMG_9904 IMG_9902 IMG_9908 IMG_9903 IMG_9905

A walk to the dyke at the end of Prairie Road, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Pinkie’s Up!

Chilliwack Rotary Club Garden Tour 2015


July 11th 2015 was the day of the big Chilliwack Rotary Garden Tour!  There were 11 gardens to visit, some small, some big all unique with their own special touches and personalities.  I was accompanied by my friends Sandy and Dorothy and it was an amazing day!  I captured a lot of great pictures so I decided to put each garden on by the number they were listed as on the tour, its a big job so if you don’t see your garden here come back in a few days as I have over 300 pictures to add!

Ok, here are a few highlights from the 11 different gardens but its not completed…

IMG_9342IMG_9354IMG_9389IMG_9401IMG_9590 IMG_9547IMG_9621 IMG_9540 IMG_9486 IMG_9444 IMG_9475

Check back because I will have all the photos from each garden once I match them to the map from the tour

Pinkie’s Up!


Minnekhada Regional Park



I spent a memorable afternoon exploring Minnekhada regional park in my hometown of Port Coquitlam, BC.  This is a park that has always been in my life and it has not changed much since my childhood.  The area around the park is being developed like crazy so it was nice to walk through such a serene, untouched area.  There were all kinds of frogs croaking all along the edge of the water and we finally saw one!  IMG_3530 IMG_3531

Of course there were many Canadian geese and their goslings, it was fun to watch them dip for food and stick their white backsides into the air!

IMG_3512IMG_3453 IMG_3462 IMG_3456 IMG_3466

Walking for a short time takes one a long a nice winding path up to the lodge.  The lodge was once a Governor’s house and even Elvis Presley stayed there in at some point.  Now its open for interactive tours and it can be rented for weddings.

IMG_3491 IMG_3504 IMG_3495 IMG_3476

The park itself is big, taking most of the day to go all the way around, it really is a peaceful, tranquil place in amongst the urban development.


Pinkie’s Up!


Gardens of Garrison Crossing

I live in a unique neighbourhood called Garrison Crossing, it was built on the former Canadian Armed Forces base in Chilliwack, British Columbia.  What makes it so lovely is the developers saved many of the old growth trees and natural habitat.  Even the barracks and officer’s  living quarters were saved, some houses were moved and refurbished.  Another fun feature is all the homes are different styles and different colours, I never get bored walking around, there are curved streets, paths and cut-throughs that make exploring the area a fun adventure.  There are many plaques that pay tribute to people who helped make Canada the great country that it is today.  People who live here keep their gardens really nice, it’s a clean and friendly place to live and it is only a short walk to the Vedder River and about 15 minutes drive to the recreation area of Cultus Lake…living here is like being on vacation everyday!  I hope you enjoy the pictures of Garrison Crossing.   See more at

IMG_3335 IMG_3279 IMG_3322 IMG_3273 IMG_3281 IMG_3300 IMG_3308 IMG_3310 IMG_3296 IMG_3274 IMG_3327 IMG_3284 IMG_3294 IMG_3302 IMG_3306

Pinkie’s Up!


The fields are full of colour!

My area, Chilliwack in the Fraser Valley about 2 hours east of Vancouver is a big flower growing region.  Every year at this time, the beginning of April the fields burst with yellow daffodils!  It really is a breathtaking site!


IMG_6335 IMG_6344 IMG_6330IMG_6341IMG_6121IMG_6098IMG_6083IMG_6092IMG_6088IMG_6124


IMG_6305Grape Hyathinths

Spring has Sprung!

Wow, it feels like winter came and went in a blip and now spring is here!  Around my area I enjoy walking to the river and seeing whats in bloom around my area.  Right now the forsythia is really putting on a show of yellow glory, the heather’s are blooming pink and white, the magnolias are just opening.  Going for a walk is like going to watch a botanical parade, everywhere there is something new to look at!

IMG_8020IMG_8021 IMG_8019 yellow forsythia and pink heather shrubsIMG_8011oak tree getting ready to leaf out IMG_8008pink cherry trees

IMG_8024 IMG_8023White magnolia



We are enjoying such a warm and sunny November I wanted to get outside and enjoy it  before the weather gets stormy!  I walked through the Canadian Education Park, past Fraser Valley University grounds, and onto the Vedder River Rotary trail.  The area was once the base for the army so today, Remembrance Day, its important to pay respects to those who fought for freedom.  Even the development where our house was built is called The Garrison Crossing.  The base has been downsized but the area still reflects the army past, there are plaques where people can stop and read about important events and the men and women who played significant roles with the Canadian Armed Forces.

IMG_6866 IMG_6867 IMG_6872 IMG_6870 IMG_6869 IMG_6864 IMG_6868IMG_6865 IMG_6873 IMG_6875 IMG_6876 IMG_6878

Pinkie’s Up…enjoy your Remembrance Day


MINTER GARDENS a Jewel in the Valley

We really are blessed to have in our backyard the breathtaking MINTER GARDEN’S!  Sometimes the best places to visit are the ones close to home as is the case with this fabulous public garden.  Sadly due to many circumstances it will be closing in October of 2013 so here are some pictures of my visit there this summer….enjoy!






Maple Ridge has many magnificent gardens!  The following photos are of the garden of the president of the Maple Ridge Garden Club.   It’s a big beautiful garden consisting of many perennial beds, containers, whimsical statues and a large vegetable garden.  There really is something to look at around every corner!









IMG_4567FEARING FARM Rhododendron and Azalea grower (open by appointment only)

I really enjoyed my afternoon at Fearing Farm, in Abbotsford, BC, Canada.  It was a real treat to be able to see the plants up close and take lots of pictures, it was like being in a plant jewel box!



My garden winter 2012 early spring 2013

IMG_0419 IMG_0430 IMG_1732 IMG_1733 IMG_1735This page will be dedicated to the goings on in my own garden as well as details about gardens I visit.

My garden is a city lot that measures 40 by 100 so by no means a large garden but it is well planned out in that the plants are layered for year around growth.  You might think there is nothing happening in January but you might be suprised to hear that the HELLEBORES are just coming up.  I collect this plant, they bloom from February until early summer.  I hope you enjoy the photos

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