Rocks and Roses!

I am in full swing planting my new garden in Mowat Bay, until I hit a rock that is!  The ground around our house and I am told a lot of Powell River is rocks!  When I lived in Chilliwack we went to the gravel pit and paid $5.00 to buy a car load!  Funny how things change, this garden is big, well its big for me, a 1/4 acre lot.  The entire lot will go into gardens all based on the conditions the area has.  There is full, hot sun on the deck off the kitchen, north is the front of the house so its a shady area, the south side is morning sun so a nice spring garden will go here, you get the idea.  

Its a slow go because if I pick a spot that I want a plant, the rocks have to go, so far there was only one time the rock was the size of a small car so I left it and moved the plant to a new location.

It took days to dig an area along the wall/driveway for my roses.  I brought a lot of plants from Chilliwack when we moved…its the first time I have plants and no gardens to plant them in, not for long, look out rocks I am coming to dig you up!

Pinkie’s Up!

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