Time for a New Cup of Tea


Sorry I have not had a blog entry since the summer, this site is almost full, last time I added photos I had used 98% of my free site space!  I want to keep Heather’s Tea Garden fun and interesting and most of all not too big.  This way visitors can scroll back and read my previous posts.  With this said I started a new WordPress blog to focus on my career as a writer/teacher and speaker.  My new site is Heather A Webb.com, all one word.  My first post highlighted my trip to the UBC Botanical Gardens.  I was invited by the “Friends of the Garden” to speak about tea.  My talk focused on the many similarities between tea and plants and the cultural significance of each tea and plant.  In a nutshell: white tea and peonies, green tea and jasmine, oolong tea and dahlias, black tea and roses, pu’erh tea and chrysanthemums.  It was fun and by the comments the garden members really enjoyed it.  Please feel free to scroll through and read about my  “Adventures in the World of Gardening and Tea” as I will still be updating the categories from time to time.

Pinkie’s Up!


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