A Day in the Garden

Today I held my annual open garden for the members of the Maple Ridge Garden Club.  For those of you not familiar with where I live in Chilliwack, Maple Ridge is over an hour drive west from Chilliwack.  We lived in Maple Ridge for almost 20 years before buying our new home/garden in the winter of 2013.  Shortly after moving into our Maple Ridge home in 1998 I joined the garden club.  Currently there are over 100 members so it is one of the biggest garden clubs in the province. Today I was very happy to see many friends and very humbled they would make the trek out to the country to see me!  I am still a member, probably the furthest away, but I have many dear friends in the club.  Enjoy the pictures from our day!

IMG_0959 (1)

Everyone enjoyed seeing what we had done with the garden in only three seasons, then we went next door and admired Susan and Ken’s garden, they are growing the most stunning clematis on the fence!

Then we kept going to Rus and Helene’s garden to admire the the raised veggie beds!


Everyone trooped back to my garden for some treats and jasmine tea.  I thought the jasmine was appropriate for gardeners!


The sun was out and the garden looked great!  Lovely friends and pretty flowers who could ask for anything more?

In case anyone is wondering the development where we live  is called Garrison Crossing in Chilliwack, British Columbia.  Future gardener Levin playing peekaboo under the fence.

Pinkie’s Up!


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  1. Susan Jeary says:

    So pleased to have been included in the garden tour!


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