Happy New Year!

Wishing all my friends and family a Happy New Year!  2015 went by very fast, why is it as we get older the time seems to go faster?  I decided 2016 is going to be the year to write as much as possible, I started a new blog on the site called Blogger, it will focus more on my writing and be the link to the iTunes store were my books will be sold. Speaking of books I am just getting the tax issue resolved, for anyone who wants to publish their work Apple iAuthor is amazing!  Apple will set up the tax for any country so that takes the hassle off the writer.  After Apple submits the tax forms we set up the banking, the book will be about $2.00 plus tax and is 45 pages.  I decided to make it a series all relating to tea and plants.  The first book is complete, the second one is about tea and spices, the 3rd book is about tea, bulbs and blooms.

My new book is Heather’s Tea Garden: Tea and Flowers,  as soon as its uploaded I will post the link to the iTunes store.

Like I said time is flying by so don’t wait another day!  Go for it and make your dreams a reality!

Pinkie’s Up!


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  1. Sheri says:

    So exciting Heather! I look forward to seeing and reading your book. What a great accomplishment for the beginning of 2016! Excited to hear all about tea and flowers:)
    Congrats! Love & hugs Sheri o


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