The Early Birds

Spring has officially arrived in my garden, the plants are coming up and blooming so fast, one day its dry dirt and the next the daffodils, crocuses and tulips and even the lilies are popping up!  I like spring plants and this year some really interesting varieties are making an appearance in my garden.  I am pleased to see the split-corona daffodil named ‘Sunny Girlfriend’ and my other one ready to bloom is white with a fine yellow stripe named ‘Sir Winston Churchill’ as well as fiery yellow and orange ‘Jet Fire’ is just about to open.  I also have a mixed bag of  colourful crocuses blooming and ones named “Gypsy Girl” are all most finished.  Also on display are the helleboures, always first to the party, and of course my favourite spring flower Hyathinths, they smell amazing!  I am really looking forward to the yellow ones named ‘City of Haarlem’ they are just peeking out now.

IMG_7962 IMG_7963 IMG_7966 IMG_7967 IMG_8000 IMG_7972


IMG_7993 IMG_7988

‘Sunny Girlfriend’ Split-Corona Narcissus

IMG_7995 IMG_7998 IMG_7994 IMG_7969 IMG_7959 IMG_7996

Hyacinths and Hellebores

I think I will take a cup of tea outside and sit near the hyacinths to take in their scent they are especially smelly in the early evening!


Pinkie’s Up!


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