Flowers from Friends


I was outside today cleaning up the garden in preparation for winter and as I moved from plant to plant I realized that the majority of the plants in my garden were given to me by a friend.  When I care for them throughout the year I am reminded of the actual person who gave me the plant so the garden is more than a bunch of plants stuck in the ground, it’s an actual representation of the people I know and care about.  My Aunt Sandra, ( pictured with me above in my Maple Ridge garden), has contributed many plants, and every one of them was dug up and moved to the new Fraser Valley space.  There is the azalea I dug out of her Delta garden that was given to my grandma by my father before I was born.  It spent its first winter in a tote bin on the patio until this past spring.  I saw today it has lots of buds this is how it will look when the buds open next year. IMG_6435

I also have a cutting of my aunt’s pink chrythanthemum, it is such a hardy plant and it blooms in the fall so it adds nice colour when other plants have finished.  She got the a cutting from a friend years ago.


I couple of months ago I came home to find a geranium in a pot on the door step!  My friend Samantha drove all the way from her house to bring me a cutting because I had admired its pretty purple blooms on a visit to her garden.  I went out and bought a yellow pot that will compliment its purple blooms next summer.


I have to say a plant I am thrilled with is the cutting from my friend Jean’s hydrangea, it took 3 years of babying the little stick, but this year I was rewarded with a big, beautiful plant.  The parent plant grows by her mailbox and is so showy.  Hydrangeas are a very easy to root and I have grown all of mine from cuttings.


When we lived in Maple Ridge we had a nice couple that lived behind us named Dan and Jean, I really enjoyed visiting with them, unfortunately the fence that separated us was terraced so it was 12 feet up from my side.  Dan liked to give me plants so he would call out to see if I was in the garden and he would bag up and lower plants down to my side.  My favourite plant he gave me was a quirky, little toad lilly, it’s so pretty and a great addition to my new space.


So today as I prepared for winter Sandra’s scented hosta, Selene’s little ‘mouse ears’ hosta, Sheri’s rhododendron, Katherine’s variegated hosta, Daune’s ‘cranesbill’ geranium, Dora’s aster, and Lisa’s hellenium, I am reminded of how important each person is and how friendships come and go like the seasons and I look forward to seeing all my ‘friends’ in the spring.

Pinkie’s Up!


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