This morning I went for a long walk and thought about how wonderful it is to be a Canadian and live in this great country, Canada.  My area is so nice for reflections like these because it’s so natural, a small, little example of Canada’s natural beauty.  The area I walk in is the Vedder River Rotary Trail, its about 1 1/2 hour east of Vancouver in the Fraser Valley.  The river comes out of the mountains as the Chilliwack river then it becomes the Veddar, onward to the Fraser river then out to the Pacific ocean.  The trail follows the river for many kilometres and along the way the scenery all year is really pretty but it’s especially stunning in the fall.

IMG_6876 IMG_6877IMG_6878 IMG_6882IMG_6884 IMG_6885IMG_6887 IMG_6886

For more photos of my walk look at Along the Garden Path…enjoy your Remembrance Day.

Pinkie’s Up!


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