Parisian Bridal Tea…oola la!


Recently I attended a bridal shower tea for a lovely young woman, the theme of the party was a parisian cafe filled with flowers and decadent pastries.  The guests were to wear appropriate attire of hats and gloves while attending the tea.  The bride-to-be’s family spent hours working in my parent’s old party shed to turn it into an enchanting tea parlour.  Curtains, tulle, crepe and table cloths were all strategically placed to create a lovely parisian atmosphere.  



Being a tea lover I was asked to attend and bring some tea, I decided also to include a game in which I asked the guests specific tea questions to test their knowledge of tea. The game was a real fun addition to the shower.  The tea I chose to serve was a jasmine green bloom tea. Watching the tea bloom in the hot water is always a lot of fun especially for those who have never seen a bloom tea before.  And even though the temperature outside was vert hot everyone who had the hot bloom tea found it to be more refreshing than the cold iced tea.  



The food was wonderful, so much work and detail was put into making everything it was almost too pretty to eat!



After we ate it was time for the brde-to-be to open her gifts, all were wrapped in such lovely paper, each one hiding a suprise for the couple’s new home.


After to treats were sampled the tea drank and the gifts opened, my sister and her daughters wanted to have a few pictures taken out on the lawn wearing their big party hats.  


It really was a magical afternoon and it felt like we had all escaped to Paris!


 Pinkie’s Up!








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