Blooming Along!




We have been in our new house for just over 6 months and I have to say I did not expect the plants to make it through the chilly Fraser Valley winter, especially since some were in black plastic pots, but they did and they are thriving!  The bigger ones have been planted in their permanent homes while others will have to wait until we get the planter boxes made.  I brought about 40 plants with me, here are a some of the beauties in bloom:





This azalea is very old, it was given by my father to my grandma before I was born so that makes it at least 50 years old.  It really put on a show this spring and this is after spending the winter in a plastic tote bin!  I really like azaleas, they are so hardy.  I added a new one this spring named ‘Mary Poppins’.  It has really bright orange blooms.



Azalea ‘Mary Poppins’ so cheerful just like its namesake!

Here are more plants in bloom:


Lily ‘Star Gazer’ the fragrance is enchanting!


Clematis ‘Nelly Moser’ beautiful, big blooms, my favourite clematis.


White Peony, such a pure white bloom.


Kalmia ‘Clementine Churchill’, this is a new addition, the bloom is really different.


Peruvian Daffodil ‘Festalis’ This was a a pack of bulbs I honestly didn’t expect to do anything and they did not disappoint!


Rose ‘Peter Mayle’ one of my favourites, the blooms are big and fragrant.


Rose ‘Love’ a new rose to the garden, the bloom is white on one side red on the other so its really attractive.


I brought 5 roses in total including a grand lady named ‘Love and Peace’, It was there when we bought our other house so its over 25 years old.  It doesn’t seemed to have suffered after a winter in a big pot.

Love and Peace entwined in a clematis

looking at the garden from the patio to the garage.

Its been a fun spring in our new house and I swore when we bought I would go easy on the plants…too late! The garden is busting with blooms so I will add more pictures in the coming weeks.

Pinkie’s Up!



2 thoughts on “Blooming Along!

  1. Heather, your garden is flourishing under your loving care. It is so beautiful! I can see that you and your roses, lilies and azaleas are all acclimating to the new ‘hood. Good for you!


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