happy New Year to all the gardening tea lovers out there!

Wow, its already 2013 and the lazy, rainy days of winter will soon be over and a new gardening season will be upon us.  Of course die-hard plant addicts like myself garden all year around the olny time I won’t go outside is when its too frosty, and I risk slipping!  Other than that I don’t let the rain stop me, i live in BC if I let the rain stop me I would never go outside.  Now that Christmas is over my garden wheels are turning in fact if its nice this weekend, not frosty, I plan to go outside and clean up the peonies that never got cut back last winter!  I am making lists of things I want to change in the garden and teas I want to try!

On that tea note I am training to be  Tea Sommolier so my tea this evening is a lovely Green Tea China Sencha.  Its a loose leaf tea that when brewed has these magnificent large green leaves, the flavor is grassy and buttery.  I love it poured from my tiny Chinese tea pot, it warms me up and I forget how nasty it is outside!

I have tons of gardening adventures to share along with amazing teas!  Come a long and have some fun


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  1. Sheri says:

    Happy new year to you too Heather and congratulations on your web page.
    Look forward to hearing all about the garden and learning more about tea!
    Happy writing!


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