On January 21st at 7pm I have been invited to be the Pitt Meadows Garden Club’s first speaker of 2013!  My presentation is called “From the Ground Up: How I created my West Coast Garden”.  It’s a series of photos taken from when the garden was first developed through to present day.  It’s quite a transformation considering when I first started gardening I only had a few roses in the front and a lilac bush, there were no plants in the backyard at all.  When we first viewed the property I noticed the back garden was east facing, it had good fences and was a blank slate.  Now there are over 200 perennials in the back and an expanded rose garden in the front.  I show my roses so when the Rose Show date gets closer I will give out details about it as well.

I am really looking forward to speaking at the Pitt Meadows Club and I know they will enjoy the presentation

Heather A. Webb


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